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About K-live

Inviting you to a world of fantasy

The fantasy world K-live, in the imaginary “Hallyu City”

Inviting you to a world of fantasy

The fantasy world K-live, in the imaginary “Hallyu City”

K-live is the world's first dedicated K-pop hologram performance hall.Combining Korea's top K-pop contents and digital technologies, K-live provides new things to see and fantastic experiences. The vivid sense of reality given by high-resolution images, and the grandeur of a 270 degree panorama view that fills your field of vision, combined with the dance performances of popular idol groups and the cheer of K-pop creates an experience of unrivaled joy.

The K-live theater is located in the imaginary “Hallyu City.” The Middle Age-themed pavement blocks, streetlamps here and there, the dusky atmosphere with the stars glittering far in the distance make for a dreamlike atmosphere.

When the clock tower behind the enormous variety of K-pop star products strikes the hour, K-live comes alive. Clowns emerge from the terraces jutting out of the walls in front of the theater, and guide the people from the square to the theater.

In the hologram theater, audiences meet Joker the Card Fairy, the jukebox engineers, and the performers searching for Psy, entering into the fantasy world of the hologram concert.

K-live also has various digital attractions like the AR show, Star Giant tower, Secret Window, and Star Lounge, where audiences can create charming memories.From the star-studded K-live terrace is visible the unique nightscape of the huge spaceship-shaped Dongdaemun Digital Plaza(DDP). How?about a photo to the backdrop of a major Seoul attraction?

K-live dreams.
We hope all visitors to K-live forget reality for a moment, and enjoy the dreams and pleasures of fantasy.

About Hologram Concert

Hologram Concert

A fantastic stage combining dance performances?and K-pop star concerts

The K-live hologram concert is designed to involve audiences into the performance with fun stories before the beginning of the hologram performance of the K-pop artists. The brilliant media facade images covering 270 degrees provide plenty to see and enjoy.?The dynamic inner walls of the hologram concert hall open during the performance, and the 14.2 channel surround sound system that rivals any concert hall, brilliant lighting and lasers, fog, dynamic photos and other special effects surround viewers with the cheerful energy of K-pop, novel digital technologies, and a fantastic sense of space.

Hologram concert The veil rises on the stage, and the artists appear in front of your eyes as if for real, accompanied by vivid K-pop melodies!! Whatever you see in front of your eyes, believe it! You're now captivated by the hologram show. To create fantastic performances like real life, artists were filmed multiple times in front of a blue screen. Each image was corrected and processed with computer graphics by the production staff. Lighting reflected by the carefully made hologram images make the images seem three-dimensional. The images embody the experience and know-how of the installation engineers, and use high-resolution media devices.

Now then, are you ready to see the magic of the hologram concert with your own eyes?

Hologram theater: Size : 2 stories / Capacity : 300 / Total area : Approx. 1652㎡

Enjoy to the K-live

Digital Attraction

  • AR Elevator

    Your favorite K-POP stars are waiting!!
    Move onto the stage on the elevator, together with your favorite star!! Let’s go~

  • Star Photo Box

    Click! Photos with your favorite K-POP stars!!
    Take and print photos, posing with your favorite stars!

  • Square AR Show

    Arrive in a limo van with your favorite stars~
    Photos of your favorite K-pop stars on a super large screen, and exciting dance time in the welcome square~

  • Star Lounge

    Take a snapshot with your favorite stars in standby!
    Click! Summon your favorite star to the Star Lounge, where the stars standby for their K-live performances~!!

  • Giant Tower

    My favorite K-POP stars on a giant screen~!!
    My very own star photo collection!
    A huge 6 meter-high media facade

  • Secret Window

    Find your K-pop artist
    Try out the K-live secret glasses, and watch the K-pop stars on-screen!

K-live Customer Center


  • 1. I made an online reservation, but I want to change the date.
    If you want to change the reservation date, you need to cancel the reservation first, and reserve again. However, by the reservation cancelled date, you can’t get refund, and there might be cancellation fees will be applied.
  • 2. What is the age restriction for children?
    Children of all ages may enter. Loud noises and strong vibrations may occur during the performances, and pregnant women, the elderly and weak, and children under 3 are advised to be careful.
  • 3. Where can I get the ticket for disabled people or men of national merit?
    Online reservation is not available, you can have a discount only at the counter. You can buy a ticket for 12000 won if you show your certification for yourself (disabled person ID/ID for men of national merit/military ID).
  • 4. I’m arriving by public transport.
    You can come to Lotte Fitin 9th floor through the Dongdeamun history cultural station exit 11, 12. For detailed instructions on bus lines, please consult the directions posted on the website.
  • 5. Can I take my own pictures of the performance as a souvenir?
    Taking pictures, videos or sound recordings of the performance is prohibited, as a violation of publicity rights and copyrights. Such behaviors may obstruct the performances of the performers and comfortable viewing by other members of the audience.
  • 6. Is food allowed into the performance?
    Food is not allowed in the hologram concert hall.
    Please understand this is necessary to maintain a comfortable performance hall environment. Please finish all food items before entering.
  • 7. What ages are permitted access, and what people are prohibited from entering?
    Even there are no limits for ages, though due to the nature of the concert hall, there are noise, and vibration, also it operates by standing show. Therefore, the pregnancy, the elderly or young children need to be aware of watching.

    There are some admission rules to ensure an optimal viewing environment in the performance hall. First of all, viewers who disturb other audience members or engage in disruptive behavior (drinking, boisterousness, mental illness, etc.) are prohibited from entering.
  • 8. Can I enter the performance hall after the performance beings?
    Entry into the performance hall is restricted after the performance begins. You may be guided into the performance hall by the house manager or the performance director through a separate entrance. The house manager or performance director will permit access into the performance hall only at certain times, so as to prevent disturbing the performance.
    However, if the performer requests that audience members who arrive late are not allowed access, access may not be permitted. Late audience members are by default not allowed access. On-time arrival is an implicit promise among all other members of the audience, and entering the performance hall late may disturb other audience members who have arrived early and are enjoying the performance.
  • 9. What credit cards are affiliated with K-live?
    Content is being prepared.